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A Good Day at Work! - August 22, 2015

On Aug. 1st Milton firefighters from Sta. 42 on Thompson Road responded to a drowning call where the victim was a small child. Anyone who has ever known a first responder knows these are some of their toughest calls and usually do not end well. In this case they were able to revive her and she’s been in the hospital for the last 3 weeks. Below and to the right, a grateful father shared the following post and photos on Facebook.

These are the days that make their jobs worthwhile and help them get through the tough ones.  We are blessed to have such well-trained, professional first responders here in Milton!

UPDATE!!! Day 21, August 22, 2015 ~~ TODAY WE WERE DISCHARGED!!!  We are on our way home….back to Ohio!!  The doctor came in this afternoon and decided Cadence was ready to go home! God protected my daughter in one of the worst situations that could ever be faced.  The prayers of so many have been answered with this little girl.  Today after we left we were once again blessed with an amazing opportunity, we got to go back to the Engine Company who responded to Cadence’s accident.  It was an emotional meeting for the whole family but especially for me.  I cannot think the men from Engine 42 and Engine 5 for saving my beautiful daughter, she is the most precious thing on this planet to me and I am so thankful that God put you men in the position to respond so quickly to her, I truly believe God put you where he did just so you could save her life!  I cannot in a million years thank you enough for what you did for her and for our family!  I also want to thank the amazing staff at Childrens Hospital of Atlanta!  I have never been in a hospital where everyone cared so much, not just about the patient but about the family as well, I am not tagging anyone in this post but every single one of you know who you are.  You men and women made the worst days of my life not so bad….  The nurses at the hospital were there when I needed to cry, laughed when I needed to laugh and forced me to sleep and eat when I couldn’t even remember to do it.  The care, love, and joy that these EMS personnel and Nurses have returned to my life is unimaginable and I tear up thinking about where we would be today without all of you, so from the bottom of my heart….  Thank You and God bless you all!  I al want to thank everyone who has came together to pray for Cadence, those who have helped financially and with moral and sometimes even physical support, when I couldn’t stand on my own.  Thank you all for coming together for my daughter.  I also want to thank those of you who were there for me when you have experienced such devastating losses in their lives, and I thank you all for being their to support, encourage and pray for me!  Thank you all, I love you and God bless you all for everything!

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Milton Firefighter-Paramedic Richard Danny Bishop Jr., 31, of Marietta, died Thursday, March 31, 2016.  His memorial service was held Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at Marietta Funeral Home Chapel.

Richard Bishop began his career as a firefighter and paramedic in 2007 for Clayton County and began working in the City of Milton Fire-Rescue Department in May of 2013.  He was named Firefighter of the Quarter in 2014 and his station, Engine 42 B-Shift, was named Crew of the Year in 2015.

Richard is survived by his wife, Amanda Bishop of Marietta; daughters, Addison Bishop and Harper Bishop of Marietta; Mother, Lynn Hughes of Marietta; sisters, Tamela Kramer (Bobby) of Marietta, and Michelle Callaway of Atlanta; brothers, Paul Hughes of Union City and Danny Hughes of West Virginia; grandparents, Sam and Elouise Bishop; mother and father in-law, Albert and Barbra Sheninger of Marietta.